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Baby massage

Thank you for your interest in Relaxed Baby Infant Massage. My name is Susan Davis and I am a Certified Infant Massage Instructor and a member of the UK Chapter of the IAIM (International Association of Infant Massage).

I am also a qualified Massage Therapist specializing in Pregnancy Massage and Pregnancy Reiki as well as being a Pregnancy Massage Instructor.

Benefits of Infant Massage
The benefits of touch aren't just felt by your baby. Spending one on one time in a relaxed environment is a fantastic way to get to know your little one's personality. Soft and gentle interaction is important so we talk to our babies before, during and after infant massage - asking for permission to touch, explaining what you're doing and why, and then finishing with a cuddle and "I Love You"

Relaxes and Soothes: Nurturing touch relieves stress for you and your baby and can help post natal depression as it promotes self-esteem in new mothers. Deepens Bonding and Attachment: One to one time strengthens communication, understanding and the ability to nurture one another and you become more confident and sensitive to your baby's cues. Helps Baby Sleep Better: Helping your baby release stress means more rest for baby and for you so everyone feels better! Eases the Symptoms of Distress: Colic, Teething, Constipation and Wind are all common symptoms of distress in babies. Massage may help ease the pain of these uncomfortable conditions. Why sign up for an Infant Massage Class?

Parents all over the world know that their babies need to be held, rocked, carried and fondled. Cross-cultural studies have shown that in societies where infants are held, massaged, rocked, breast-fed and carried, adults are more co-operative and compassionate and less aggressive and violent. For infants massage is much more than a luxurious experience or a type of physical therapy. It is a tool for maintaining a child’s health and well-being on many levels. Parents feel secure in their ability to do something positive for, and receive positive response from their baby. Research has shown that touch is as important as food, for humans and animals. Harry Harlow carried out his famous monkey experiments where infant monkeys were given a choice between a wire mother with food and a furry mother without food. They preferred the furry mother without food. Studies in America with premature babies showed that, when being massaged daily, babies gained 47% more weight on average. They also went home six days earlier* *See Published Paper by Tiffany Field titled "Preterm infant massage therapy studies: an American approach" [Link removed]

What to expect from your Infant Massage Class
Relaxed Baby Infant Massage courses consist of 5 weekly sessions of one and half hours and include: Relaxation for parent and baby The massage strokes built up over the course of 4 weeks (5th week we put it all together) Topic of discussion - Parent led - the opportunity to ask for advice from "the experts" (the parents!) and offer advice too.

Classes in Rothwell, Kettering, Corby and surrounding areas

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