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Digital AfterWills offer an online service for Clients to create a Traditional Will to distribute their physical assets and a Digital AfterWill to distribute their Digital/Media Assets.

Our unique AfterWills Digital Afterlife service gives you the control and power to decide what happens to your Digital Assets when you pass away that are not covered by a traditional Will. The AfterWills system lets you decide exactly what happens to each and every digital asset you have, be it a website, photo, video recording, website logins, online accounts, everything in your online life. You can have them sent to one person, or a collection of people, or indeed have it closed so no one can access it, it's up to you.

Your digital wishes are only processed when your two appointed digital executors enter their secure 16 digit code into our system on your passing, ensuring that no one person can action your digital wishes before the right time. All of your data is securely stored in an encrypted state that not even our staff can decipher it. All data is also backed up to a separate location ensuring there is always a secure backup of your data.

Continually update your digital assets and decide what will happen to them and who will receive them including website logins, documents, photos, videos, emails, obituary and any other digital assets you have. AfterWills has been produced by lawyers and legal experts ensuring your legacy and digital afterlife are handled professionally at every stage.

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