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Global Animation offers the design of company "spokescreatures" animated company mascots to help you promote your company, products and services in the most engaging and memorable way. We can instil your company corporate image into the minds of potential customers while giving them an entertaining and clearly illustrated understanding of the products and services you offer.

We can also offer any animation that will explain how your products or service works, including "walk-thru's", "flyovers", technical cutaways, system functionality etc.

Full CGI computer animated modelling usually involves many teams of specialist animators, riggers, lighting technicians etc. and is therefore often too costly for the small to average business to consider. They are losing out on the powerful effect that friendly and approachable "spokescreatures" have when building customer confidence.

Global Animation's aim is to bring the finest quality animations into the realm of the smaller business by significantly reducing production costs. We do this by keeping our operation small, rendering in-house using our own 48 core render farm rig, and keeping up to date with state of the art software.

All costs are agreed before commencement and you are personally kept up to date during every part of the production process.

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